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Francis Marrufo

Front Desk Agent

My time as an employee for the Comfort Suites in Loveland/Johnstown has been like no other.  After many job experiences, I can honestly say that I enjoy my position and look forward to coming into the family atmosphere that my job gives.  Every shift at my job is different which makes it that much more exciting to look forward to!  As I approach my first year, I am very thankful for encountering this position as well as the co-workers and guests I have come to meet.  I hope and look forward to growing with the Spirit Hospitality chain.

Rachael Dorton

Restaurant Director

I started as a front desk representative at the HGI Thornton in October of 2020. I never had any hotel experience, but I hustled and bustled to learn everything, and by February 2021 I was promoted to AGM. I worked hard to make every guest have the best experience, the restaurant director position opened in August, and although I was hesitant to apply at first, but I decided to throw my hat in the ring. Spirit has always been very supportive and encourages everyone to chase their dreams, which can truly make your life, lifechanging.

Sebastian Villegas-HIEX

General Manager

I began working for Spirit 8 years ago and it has been an absolute privilege to be apart of this team. Not only do they offer advancement from within but they encourage a family like setting in which you actually look forward to coming to work. The mentorship and push for growth from above is beyond encouraging and to know that they truly want the best for their employees make being apart of Team Spirit a true honor. Some companies have a clear disconnect between Corporate and the line level employees, whereas Spirit promotes the engagement between the two.

The thing I am most proud of is the fight that Spirit had displayed over the difficult year of 2020. The pandemic had a chokehold on the Hospitality industry and yet Spirit was able to keep the doors open at all of their properties, encourage the fighting Spirit and continued to dominate the markets in which there was little to dominate. Bill and the entirety of the corporate office were able to allow us ALL to remain employed and for that I am forever grateful. Ultimately, my experience with Spirit Hospitality has been blessing and I look forward to growing with the team for many years to come.

Gavin Buford

Assistant General Manager

My name is Gavin Buford and I started working at Spirit Hospitality’s Comfort Suites in Johnstown in 2017 very shortly after the hotel opened. I started as a part time front desk agent but Spirit quickly saw my potential and trained me to promote me. 5 years later I am now the Assistant General Manager one of the most senior members of the team at the hotel and loving every bit of it. Hospitality is constantly providing new challenges every day and constantly changing and Spirit has done everything possible to keep us up to date, support us, and make sure we are well taken care of. Every company says they value their employees like family but Spirit Hospitality goes the extra mile and shows that they care. I am proud to be a part of a team that not only cares about its employees and guest but also the communities and surrounding that well reside in.

Kaitlynn Jennings

Sales & Events Manager

Hi, my name is Kaitlynn Jennings, I have worked for Spirit Hospitality since I was 14 years old. 8 years, it’s crazy to think I have spent 36% of my life with them! That’s a lie, I’ve spent 36% of my life working for Spirit Hospitality but I’ve known the people of Spirit all my life, I remember meeting Bill when I was about 7, at the Holiday Inn Express Loveland when I would go swimming after school. The front desk would give me whatever was in lost in found. I remember sitting in the elevator pretending to be the bellhop of the Holiday Inn Express, pressing the guests floor as they came in. I grew up in hotels.
I love working for Spirit and have convinced a lot of my friends to join Spirit for a plethora of reasons! My number one reason is- They favor preferment (promote internally) if you are eager to learn they are eager to teach. I started out under Regan when she was Ops in Greeley. (She was just appointed General Manager of the Year!) I worked Front Desk alongside Yvonne (General Manager now), Amanda (Area Director of Sales now), Anna (Area Director of Sales now). The internal growth is a joy to watch and be part of.

The people you work with and under want to help you succeed, grow and flourish!

It’s a great job to get you through school or advance you in your career- whatever you want to do they will help. The benefits are amazing from college tuition to sick/vacation time to 4% match on 401k. That's just a little of why I couldn't imagine leaving Spirit Hospitality.

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