The Business Travel Guide: How to Have a Stress Free Business Trip


People either love or hate business travel. While some see it as an opportunity to combine business and leisure, frequent business travelers often find it to be a headache. 

Whether you are a seasoned road warrior or just starting to get your feet wet with business travel, we have outlined key tips to help you have a smooth and seamless trip all while maximizing your time!

Packing Tips

  • The number one tip we recommend is ditching the large suitcase and only using carry on bags. There is nothing worse than arriving in a new city and realizing that your luggage did not make it with you. From lugging a large suitcase through a foreign city or risking lost luggage, always try to only pack a carry-on.
  • Use packing cubes! If you are a chronic overpacker, packing cubes will be your new best friend. They help you stay both organized and help to compress all clothing you are bringing. These cubes are our top picks!
  • Pack with security in mind. Make your life 10x easier by ensuring all of your liquids and electronics are easily accessible. Also ensure that your liquids fit into a quart sized bag and don’t exceed the 3.4 ounce limit per bottle.
  • Don’t forget casual clothes! Even if you are anticipating working from sun up to sun down, you will likely have an opportunity at some point to check out your local city or enjoy a casual dinner.

Maximize Your Efficiency

  • Join rewards programs! Whether you are loyal to Hilton Honors or United Mileage Club, gaining all of the points you can with rewards programs or travel credit cards can really pay off in big ways. 
  • Bring a portable charger. Don’t get caught on the plane with electronics that are on their last 10% battery. Always charge your electronics before the flight, but make sure you have a backup just in case.
  • Apply for TSA PreCheck and Global Entry! Skip the long security and custom lines and add hours back into your trip. 
  • Book non-stop flights whenever possible. Long layovers or even missing your connecting flight can cause massive headaches and add hours onto your trip.

Make Business Travel Fun

  • Combine business and leisure. “Bleisure” travel is becoming more and more popular with people maximizing their time in a new city. Add a few personal days to the beginning or end of your trip as a cost-effective way to make the most out of your travel.
  • Get outside. Business trips can be stressful and when you are working consistently a change in scenery can make all the difference. Take your laptop to a local coffee shop or spend the evening working at a popular nearby restaurant!
  • Find workspaces that double as leisure places. Work from home while you are away with many hotels that have adapted to the WFH lifestyle with amenities and spaces built for work and play.
  • Research the destination you are going to ahead of time. Find the popular local attractions and make time to really visit the city and enjoy your stay.
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